Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The 10 Commandments of Selling: Story of Danial

Danial, an 18 years old boy, drop out from high school, coming from broken family, belongs to strife-torn Republic of Arotia. He is confused and pessimist and revels in the negative thoughts all the time. An angel descends and guides him to meet a guru on the northern mountains of Arotia. The guru advises him to join an insurance company as Sales Representative and shares with him the first commandment.

Thou shalt believe that thou art the most valuable person on planet earth.

Danial joins an insurance company with the responsibility of selling savings and risk cover plans on commission basis. His financial health has started improving but he still not easy with the profession of Selling. He gets 2nd commandment:

Thou shalt take pride in the profession of Selling.

Every six months/or year he goes to guru and gets another commandment and at the age of 35, he is elevated to the position of Vice President Sales with the parent company with Head Quarters in New York and looks after the Sales Operations in more than 100 countries. At age 38, he retires to start his new career as motivational speaker.

The events and people coming in his life will be shaping his thoughts and he will be taking all challenges of life like real life winner. He will at times cry. He will at times jubilate. But, overall, his life will be moving forward and he will be a source of inspiration for those who enter his orbit.

The motivational Sales Novel will cover each and every aspect of sales discipline.

Book will be launched world-wide in December 2013.


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Bob Urichuck

Ashraf Chaudhry